Thursday, August 13, 2009

you can have my heart, or we can share it like the last slice

Boy. by band of outsiders always has the best lookbooks. Marisa Tomei for fall.

A girl with a healthy sense of adventure is a girl that's always fun to be around. (one who owns a hooded trench is also probably quite cool)

Kind of makes you wish for a long distance relationship, no?

I think this photo embodies what all guys want. A girl who reads. A girl who wears pretty things. And a girl that can make you fall in love by just waiting for you in a chair.


Ryan said...

Great shoot, great subject, I love her...

Lauren said...

I saw this and fell in love! Or maybe lust. It's hard to tell at this stage.

brennan said...

SMITTEN. great blog man!

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