Saturday, August 15, 2009

china bound

this was a 'stay off the grass' sign I saw the last time I was in China

Although I've hinted at it in the past, I'm heading to China for the next month or so. My little sister lives outside of Shanghai and I have tons of relatives in southern China (near Guangzhou). My best friend is also coming along. It really is a trip of a lifetime. We're also planning to hit up Tokyo. While I'm dreaming of all the sick shopping in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo, don't worry; we're planning on seeing all the real historical and cultural sites as well...I promise.

I plan on writing and posting while I'm there, but if there's a longer than normal pauses between posts, it's because I'm in Asia, not because I don't love you anymore.

Any spots I shouldn't miss? Favorite places? Going to miss me? Just drop me a comment or an email at

Hopefully the next post will be from the airport or from Hong Kong!


Lauren said...

Oh, jealous! I used to live in Shanghai. It's such a cool city. And I've never even been to Tokyo or Japan at all- shame.

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