Sunday, August 16, 2009

my stuff

Hi from Hong Kong!! After a long, but pleasantly uneventful 16 hour commute, we made it. Highlights- seeing my sister after almost a year apart, her boyfriend giving me sweet sunglasses, and wandering the Temple St. Night Market. Today's my first full day, so we'll see what happens.

My stuff: (1.) asus Eee pc-great for traveling, it's light and fast, exactly what every blogger nerd needs. (2.) Timex expedition watch-20 bucks from Target. Great for traveling- I never really wear a watch (thanks cellphone) but I figured one that reminded me of military watches would be cool for the trip. (3.) Billykirk leather card holder in tan. Slim, stylish, and rugged, it's the perfect wallet. (4.) My pentax optio digital camera. (5.) Muji pen and notebook. Picked these guys up when I was in New York. (6.) Last but not least, folding Ferrari sunglasses my sister's boyfriend gave me. I've always had a soft spot for folding sunglasses-if they're good enough for Mr. McQueen, they're perfect for me.


Anonymous said...

OK, I'm uber jealous you're in HK. I've never been but want to go there sometime this year. Yea, I don't wear a watch either and rely on the cell phone. Hope you have an amazing time!

AsianCajuns said...

Just like Becs, we're super jealous too, but we can't wait to see your sure-to-be awesome documentation of your trip- woohoo!

ps-Thanks for relinking us, GJ ;)

pps- I love your "My Stuff" posts! They make me want to be more organized and meticulous about my personal belongings.

Shini said...

YEsssss Muji and ASUS perfect travel couples, those folding sunglasses are quite the shizz as well, do they fold when you're wearing them too :P? I always wondered similarly with foldable bikes too...quite the dumb bunny I am.
Can't believe you're in HK, lucky duck!!

A TIME TO GET said...

Love the shitty Timex. I just picked up a Smith&Wesson military from the surplus store. $25 and it came with three canvas straps... done and done.

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