Wednesday, August 19, 2009

my stuff

Hong Kong has some of the best shopping in the world. There are way too many places to check out in just three days (don't worry I plan on looping back through before heading back to the states). I wish malls back home were even a fraction of the quality here. After pining over Porter bags, Visvim shoes, and countless others, I spied these guys on the 4th floor of the Sogo shopping center. I was always curious about Edwin denim, but had never seen them in person.

I went for the red selvage 503s. Straight leg, one wash. Now normally, I'd say just go raw/dry, but I really liked the fit and hand of these. And they were a good deal.

The fit on these jeans is perfect. Not too tight, not baggy at all-this Goldilocks has found her porridge. I think these will definitely give my new standards a run for their money. In general, I'm not the biggest fan of pocket embroidery, but this detail isn't too much for me at all. I also like how the center back belt loop is slightly off-center.

All in all, I'd say absolutely zero buyer's remorse. My only regret? Not enough time and money for all the precious treasures I've been seeing.


AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Argh! Have I mentioned that we are jealous about your travels? Oh, and now the shopping?! I guess we'll just have to suck it up and live vicariously through you!

Those jeans look absolutely amazing. Every time you mention a pair, it makes me realize I need to think about my jean purchases a little more closely, and then maybe I would wear them more often (I tend to favor dark, skinny pants/leggings).

Happy travels, GJs! Can't wait to see more!

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