Thursday, August 6, 2009

the noumenal girl

Ms. Hepburn is almost too obvious a choice. What are you going to do? Pretend the prettiest, most charming girl in the room isn't? I always liked that she played kind of kooky women. There's something about girls with gorgeous eyes and quirky personalities.

'I already know an awful lot of people, and until one of them dies, I couldn’t possibly meet anyone else.'
-Reggie Lampert

Charade is a great film. It's my favorite of Ms. Hepburn's work. Pairing Grant and Hepburn works well and the supporting cast is pretty amazing. The scene that'll really make you fall in love with her? When she meets up with Walter Matthau and smokes a cigarette. (check out this essay on the film)

I think Audrey is for girls, what Steve McQueen is for guys. In and out of frame her style was flawless and always effortless. I think, really, though, it was her personality that made her Audrey Hepburn. The way she spoke, the way she walked. It's ephemeral and it's why we all hope we marry girls like her.


AsianCajuns said...

Yes! Audrey is always the obvious choice for style icon too- but she can't be beat. And you are so right about the Steve McQueen analogy!

Like most girls, Cath and I have been huge fans of Ms. Hepburn since we first say My Fair Lady at the age of 4. And the fact that she was so generous and warm-hearted (working for UNICEF in Africa even after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer) in real life comes across in all of her characters. She will always and forever be my favorite noumenal girl!

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