Saturday, July 11, 2009

new york state of mind

It's official. I'm heading to New York City for the (capsule) show. From the 19th to 22nd I'll be running around the city taking photos and looking at clothing I can't afford. That and finally meeting a lot of the creative people behind my daily reads. The show will be my first official event as a member of the 'press'. I'm pretty excited. I'm also excited to see the city and all the great shops and restaurants.

Although I probably won't have time to stop in the museums, this trip, I'll probably try and at least force a few moments in at the MOMA. I grabbed this photo on my last trip when my cousin and I squeezed a trip in. I love this guy and Rothko, so I try and see their work in person whenever I can. Remember, no flashes at the museums.

Of course I'm going to go to Chinatown. I can not resist the inexorable force that pulls me towards Mott street. This is my favorite ice cream spot. We found this place when I was in high school. It was the first time I had green tea and red bean ice cream. I was hooked.

Anyone got any suggestions of must-see shops, bites to eat, or hidden treasures? Want to meet up for a drink or a snack? (is it apparent that I like to eat yet?)-drop me a line!


AsianCajuns said...

I am so unbelievably excited for you! You're officially press AND get to go to NYC. If you get a chance, head over to Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope etc.).

I'm a huge Rothko fan too.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm kinda jealous you're going to be an official press member AND get to go to NYC. Granted, I was just back east, but I love being in the city during the summer. Hope you have lots of fun and look forward to your coverage of the show!

Anonymous said...

you are in my old stomping grounds (used to live in the NYU dorm on lafayette and down on water st.)! While in chinatown, you MUST go to NY Noodletown, which is down the street from chinatown ice cream factory on the corner of bayard and bowery (get some noodle soup with their shimp wontons). I also always go to shanghai gourmet (or cafe now?)- best soup dumplings in chinatown. Looking north on mott, it is on the right (read: east side) of the street, maybe 3 or 4 storefronts north of the corner of mott and canal. If you are in the mood for thai, on the corner of bayard and baxter is a pongsri, which has a great yum nurr (sp.?) salad. Another place a little out of the way is congee village, on the corner of delancey and allen. If you are in the mood for dimsum on sunday, there is a place on bowery, just off of chatham sq, called chatham restaurant, that I went to all the time growing up. Best dimsum in manhattan in my opinion. Although I haven't had dimsum there in a while, so whether it is still good (or they still serve it) is questionable.

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