Thursday, July 9, 2009

the noumenal girl

I told you I like plaid shirts on girls. Really, though, it's the seemingly effortless way she's dressed. Minimal, if any, makeup and adorable freckles. I bet she has a great accent too. I'm such a sucker for accents. I know it's a superficial thing, but I do love a girl with a good accent-be it southern, east coast, or european. I know girls say they get all dolled up for us, but I secretly think they do it because they like it. Most guys I know swoon over girls who keep it all simple. Why? Because it lets us see you and all the idiosyncrasies that help us fall in love with you. Or maybe I just read way too much into a photo of a pretty girl.

Much thanks to facehunter for making me an eternal optimist as I walk down the street...


AsianCajuns said...

Huh. I always thought guys said the "I like you better without the make-up" line because they thought that is what we liked to hear- haha! You are right though, we mainly dress for ourselves and probably other women (who will notice the new platforms squeezing our feet).
Seriously, the "no make-up" line is good.

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