Monday, July 13, 2009

my stuff

I love when people post pictures of their workspaces, homes, and stuff in their bags. It's not fair to ask without giving a little, right? What lately has been in my bag and what will most likely be in the carry-on to New York: 1. Film Art: An Introduction- Assigned for a Media Aesthetics class (my first class ever at Uni), good old Bordwell helped me sound like an uber-snob when discussing movies. Carrying it lately to brush up on some terms and film makers. 2. Monocle issue no. 25- I really enjoy this magazine. Especially because the content to advertisement ratio is very favorable (although this translates into a $10 price tag). This issue ranks the best cities to live in and surprisingly, Detroit didn't even make the discussion. 3. My glasses-Even when I wear contacts, I always carry a pair of frames. You just never know when those tricky bastards will fall out. 4. Sony Digital Voice Recorder-For all those pulitzer prize winning interviews I have coming up. 5. Cell Phone-Not everyone has an iphone... 6. Wax Cotton Fabric Samples-This is the blackwatch plaid. 7. Swiss Army Knife- no explanation necessary. 8. WWI style trench lighter-I don't smoke, but you never know when that beautiful girl will need a light. 9. My Pentax-Still going strong probably thanks to its specialized carrying case. Can you believe it all fits in here?


Ivania said...

thats alot! I love to see peoples personal spaces like bags, working spaces, but specially their wardrobes!!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, fun post! Smart that you're bringing a recorder for your interviews.. brings back memories from my college journalism days. And thank goodness you didn't link to a 'murse'. That tote looks spacious enough to fit all your things. Have a safe trip!

AsianCajuns said...

I love these voyeuristic posts too! Thanks for sharing!
I like that you carry a lighter for that lady who needs a light- that's awesome! Your frames are quite dapper. I need to get a pair like that.

Shaun said...

Good stuff to keep around with you, I also carry a Victorinox around with me everywhere only mine has a mini mag lite attached to it. But I also dig these types of pictures but as well have never contributed to the likes of them. Great post though. The head to toes of bags.

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