Wednesday, July 29, 2009

capsule show: Folk

Folk was by far my favorite of the Capsule Show. Founded in 2001 by Cathal McAteer, Folk has made a name for itself with quality, understated, casual menswear. Based in the U.K., I didn't really know much about the company other than they were attending the show. Needless to say I was blown away. In a sea of workwear inspired labels, Folk stood out with simple, classic pieces. Amazing attention is paid to even the smallest detail.

Every season a signature pattern is worked into almost every garment. It shows up in the chunky knit sweaters to the lining of shirts and jackets. The key to Folk's success is in not overdoing the little details and touches.

This quilted jacket was my favorite of Folk's offerings and of the show overall. The material is a soft cotton that has been waterproofed. Inspired by old life jackets, the zipper has a rescue whistle attached. Folk mixes a sense of humor with quality construction and materials-something very difficult to pull off without the garments becoming costumey or cliched.

I will have this jacket. Another detail I loved (besides the color and the quilting) were these shoulder handles. Handles on the shoulder you ask?

The handles are so your buddy can pull you out of the water. If there's one jacket I buy in the next few months, seriously, it'll probably be this one. Too bad I have to wait so long for it to come to shops.

I love the palette of this collection. The staples remain classic colors, while the details and some of the sweaters stand out in bright relief. I would wear every piece shown in this section of the lookbook. I love their shirts. From a little twist on the plackets to contrast lining which gets shown when the sleeves are rolled up, the details really set the shirts a part.

Finding a clothing label that doesn't take itself too seriously while remaining meticulous about construction and fit is a hard thing to do. Folk's probably my new favorite label. How can you not like a label that uses playmobil toys in their lookbook?

Can't wait till I open my own store to buy some Folk gear? Check out oi polloi and oki-ni. Or check out the Folk shop when you're in London.

49 Lambs Conduit St,
London, WC1N 3NG
0207 404 6458


AsianCajuns said...

That jacket is so awesome! I need it too because I can't swim and I feel certain those shoulder handles would be life savers.

I love their editorials too. It makes me wish I actually camped more! Ahh the power of fashion!

Also, when you open your store - I'm not suggesting you start a big chain unless you want to, but- you have to open one in the ATL. Deal? ;)

Anonymous said...

Wait, you're opening up your own store? Very cool! HA to the jacket handles.. love it. The attention to detail and small touches def. make the collection stand out.

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