Tuesday, July 28, 2009

capsule show: Billykirk

I've been admiring the work of the brothers Bray from afar for quite some time now. Hand made leather goods in large part produced by Amish craftsmen in Pennsylvania, Billykirk bags and wallets look amazing. Being able to feel the leather and the stitching made me want something even more.

Being primarily a leathermaking outfit, I was nicely surprised when I spied these duffels at their booth.

Heavy duty waxed canvas and strong, sturdy zippers make these duffels a must have for when you need to disappear for a few days.

My favorite was this olive green. Like all of their products, these bags will only get cooler and better looking with age and abuse. Throw it in the back of your car and let your girl borrow it.

The perfect size for the gym as well as the overhead compartment. Get this and never buy another duffel again.

Billykirk teamed up with sebago to make some pretty cool shoes and boots.

These hats are classic shapes and made with classic materials. Great for that impromptu picnic that you're planning for her.

A few jerky guys have almost single handedly ruined wearing dapper pieces like these. Let's reclaim the classic hat from all those guys.

I saved my all-time favorites for last. I love the zipper wallets. I'd get the natural leather and watch how cool it got just from holding my money and staying in my pocket.

Not one of those guys who really rocks a wallet? Get the cardholder and you'll be set for life.

Billykirk makes products that you hold on to for a long time. Girls, these are things any guy will appreciate. Also, whenever I meet a girl with a cool wallet or bag (or hat) I always remember her. It's like the girl with a really cool car.

make sure to check out Billykirk's site for way more product shots. For those of you who love studio/workspace shots check out Selectism's visit to their studio.


james at 10engines said...

finally someone who does not use black ballistic handles... pet peeve is navy duffle bags w black webbing. it's the little things you know hahahah. nice f'n shoes too.. and yeah, take back the straw hat.

Lauren said...

Nothing like classic lines in navy and white and leather.

By the way, I don't remember where but I recently saw some really sweet A.P.C. accessories for women- floral clutches and the like. And I thought of you quite immediately. So I may be riding the A.P.C. fanboy/girl train with you now!

AsianCajuns said...

Oh these are amazing! And I'm drooling over that waxed olive green duffle with you! I want it all- I mean, I want to get it all for my bf of course (cough, cough). I'm going to peek at their prices online now.

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