Thursday, June 25, 2009

stuff to do

Anyone else going to the (capsule) show in New York? I'm thinking about going and it would be fun to put some faces to blogs and comments. The brand list looks pretty good. Personally I'm looking forward to checking out Garbstore, Post O'eralls, BillyKirk, Our Legacy, and Penfield. Whew. Talk about lions, and tigers, and bears.

Capsule seems to me the most user friendly tradeshow. All you have to do to get in is register online. So if you're thinking about checking out the show or will be in NYC around that time, drop me a line. We can silently check each other's clothes out over coffee or overpriced menswear.


Ryan said...

I will be there, should be a good time, will be meeting up with StreetEtiquette, SwipeLife fam, and others. We should all figure something out and hit up some after partys...

Lesley said...

SOunds like it's going to be a lot of fun!!! Enjoy yourself!

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