Wednesday, June 24, 2009

spot check

The University of Chicago is my alma mater. I begrudgingly admit that it was a great fit for me. A bit of a quirky school, Chicago was home to the first sustained nuclear reaction as well as a hard earned tradition of bookishness and lack of fun. While the whole '...where fun comes to die...' thing is moderately true, I actually had quite a good time in Hyde Park. I know the Life photo archives are tried and true posting fodder, but I couldn't help myself.

These gates lead right into the quad. I quite like the onlooker's jacket.

I'm not exactly sure what the students are protesting against, perhaps nothing at all. All I know is that this placard sums up the general attitude of the typical UofC student.

Typical classroom scene. I couldn't' have a post about nerds and their environments without at least one argyle sweater, right?

Sigh. Chicago doesn't really have any sports teams. I know, I know, they exist, but not really. I didn't go to one game in 4 years. Although supposedly our team invented the shotgun offense. Instead of t-shirts proclaiming the number of Big 10 championships, the Chicago gift shop sells t-shirts bragging about how many Nobel laureates they have.

So if all you guys and girls are telling the truth when you say you love yourself a nerd, head to Hyde Park. It'll break you of that bad habit...


Anonymous said...

I actually got that tshirt as a gag gift when I left hyde park.

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