Monday, June 8, 2009

photo safari

Outside of Chinatown, Hyde Park is my favorite place in Chicago. Home to the University of Chicago, it's were I lived for four years. It's always a little strange coming back to Hyde Park for me. A mixture of nostalgia and a slight embarrassment always creeps over me when I hit the 47th street exit on Lakeshore drive. It instantly reminds me of who I was when I was 18 and who I am now. Sometimes I wonder what the 18 year old me would say if he saw me now. Without further existential angst, here's a few shots of my old haunts. 

Chicago has a bar in the basement of one of the buildings called the Pub. My favorite thing about it is the hand-shuffleboard table. One of the best bar games around. The pace is slow enough to get in drinks and shit talking while feeding your inner competitiveness.

Stella at the bar.
My first apartment ever. We lived on the second floor. Ahh...nothing like 3 nineteen year old boys living together...

My second and last apartment. We lived on the second floor. I loved the balcony. We lived right behind here:

Great chicken and a really nice staff. There are Harold's all over the southside, but because I lived right behind it, it will always have a place in my heart.

One of the student-run coffee shops at the university. Even during the summer the super nerds rep hard here. The motto for the school is 'where fun comes to die'. Seriously. I don't know what it means that I loved it here...

Cobb is the main building for undergrads. All the hipsters smoke out front. This was where my first class ever was held.  

I remember the first time I sat at a table here in Cobb. 

The Robie house. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, grab a tour when you pass by. 

Cool bike I saw in front of the Robie house.

The Obama household. We couldn't get any closer than across the street. Apparently a fashion blog doesn't count as press credentials.

A classroom in Swift hall, which is home of the Divinity school. Thus, I spent a lot of time in these seats. I do love the 3-d map of ancient Palestine and Babylon. Memories.... 


yulanda said...

Love FLW. I went on a Robie House tour when I was there. I made the people I was staying with (who we don't know directly!) take me out there. hah. Then I made my friends drive down to Buffalo so I could look at various FLW houses.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss college too. And I smiled when you said a slight embarsassment creeps over you.. yea, I feel the same way whenever I go back to visit my old college stomping ground. I did some dumb crap back then. Nice shot of the Obama house!

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