Sunday, June 7, 2009

spot check

Best spot in Chinatown. Peep the white trousers too. 

Like any good Chinese boy, my first stop in Chicago is always Chinatown. I love how no matter where I am, if there's a Chinatown I can go and feel something instantly familiar. I have family here and they always show me a great time. My favorite restaurant in Chicago's is Lee Wing Wah. You have to try the walnut shrimp, pea shoots, and wok-fried lobster. I tried to take pictures, but with 11 people and delicious food...let's just say it went quickly.

 The aforementioned lobster. Stir-fried in a wok with ginger, it's quite delicious if shellfish is your thing.

Fresh veggies.

Discussing chopstick technique with the crew. 

A meal isn't complete for me without rice. I love it. Definitely would be a part of my last meal. 

So if you're ever in Chicago, make sure to head to Chinatown and stop by  Lee Wing Wah

Lee Wing Wah 
147 S. China Pl
Chinatown Square

(between Princeton Ave & Wells St) 
ChicagoIL 60616

A bit more of the trip when I get back home...


yulanda said...

I was in Chicago a few years ago -- we brought some family friends (visiting from Vancouver) down to visit their relatives and all we ever ate was Chinese food in Chinatown :\

PS. You're what we call a rice bucket, but in Cantonese :D

Anonymous said...

Love walnut shrimp!! Your relatives.. (cousins or nephews?) are too cute! Craving some Chinese food now...

xo, Becs

AsianCajuns said...

Nom, nom, nom... droool...! Looks so good! And your crew is pretty darn cute.

Last spring when my bf hit up Chicago for an afternoon, we didn't make it anywhere near Chinatown... absolutely criminal. Who cares about hotdogs and deepdish pizza when there is Chinese food?!

Cath, my dad and I are the same way. We feel comfortable whenever we hit Chinatown in any city. My dad sulked through most of London until we hit their Chinatown, and then he was like the proverbial kid in the candy store. We ate Chinese the rest of the trip.

AsianCajuns said...

Oh and... we left an award for you on our blog! Now we realize that it's a bit girlie looking, but we thought that shouldn't stop us from including you on the award list ;)

Lesley said...

*drools* Hahaha I'm the same way! Every new city I go to if there is a Chinatown, I'm there! Nothing beats real chinese food! Mmm...

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