Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Lauren and Catherine over at AsianCajuns are super stylish, super nice bloggers based out of Georgia. On top of great photography, the AsianCajuns are really good writers, which makes their blog a must read. Always handling my comments with grace and aplomb, I was quite surprised when they let me know they included me in a list of blogs they'd  like to give an award to. When I started this thing I really never expected anyone to read it, let alone leave comments or give such kind words. So anyways, I really just want to say thanks so much. In return here's a few blogs that I like to check out on the regular:

Trimmed with Gold Above - A great blog based out of L.A. I never have much luck finding anything on ebay, but Shaun has found (and posted) some awesome vintage stuff. Plus his spot checks on places in California have all been added to must-stops if I ever make it out to L.A.. His latest post on Le Labo (a fragrance shop) has me thinking I might need a personalized scent...

A Time To Get - Sticking with the L.A. theme for a moment, Nick's blog is another great read if you are into cool things. From cars, to stores, to clothes, to everything in between. Nick's wry take on things adds to his great photos. Why is it that he can take a better picture with his i-phone than I could with a D-90?

10 engines - James' blog is another great melange of coolness. Everything from apiary tips to waxed canvas trousers. I always find myself flipping through the site, finding new stuff all the time. 
little thoughts - Yulanda's blog is really cool. Her sense of style is unique, and I love her photos. I don't really see any other pictures that look like hers. 

honestly I could keep going and going, but really check out everyone on my sidebar- I check them every time they are updated. Each have a great perspective and something to say about all sorts of things, not just fashion. The only bad thing about reading all these blogs  is that it'll make you feel incompetent. 

Thanks again asiancajuns!


Bonnie Klyde said...

Congrats on your award!

AsianCajuns said...

Dude, you're totally making me blush! Seriously, thank you for the kind words. Apologies for the overly frilly award. We just wanted you to know that we're big Greenjeans fans.

- Cath

yulanda said...

Congratulations & thank you thank you thank you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award! Lauren and Cath are so great. I enjoy reading your blog and check it daily!

Lauren said...

Hey Congratulations! I'm a fan of their blog, and also Yulanda's. I'll have to check the others out.

Lesley said...

CONGRATS! I loveee the girls from Asian Cajuns!

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