Friday, March 6, 2009

nice bags

Everyone needs something to lug all their stuff around in. In university, I could get away with a small shoulder bag; as a religious studies major most of my books were small and I always used notebooks without spiral binding (I'm left handed). Then I went to law school. Those books are huge. Unless I'm riding a bike or camping, wearing a backpack just sort of reminds me of when I was eleven. So I got a few solid messenger bags to lug the notebooks and supplements and had to carry the tomes of knowledge in my hands. Now, I don't really need a bag except when I'm traveling. So I don't really co-sign small bags for guys. It's just that whenever I need a bag, I need something to carry more than just a small camera.

Everyone knows head porter makes nice bags. Their collaborations are always well done and unique. I want this head porter-x-base control bag. The Harris Tweed is such a nice touch. Plus it's big enough to carry your laptop and that copy of hnyee magazine. Get it at the head porter store.

This Fox wool messenger bag is nice as well, although a bit smaller. It comes with a laptop drop sleeve and is capable of being completely unfolded and then wrapped around whatever you are trying to carry. A really great idea in a great form. Get it at charles&marie.


wrennybird said...

I wouldn't mind having that harris tweed bag for my computer.

Bonnie Klyde said...

The Fox Wool bag has such good design. I would like to see how it's used. Thanks for the comment!


Lesley said...


AsianCajuns said...

I love the fox messenger.

I think you need to start a petition to get Target to do some fashion designer lines for guys.

Shini said...

gotta love tweed on men. but loving the cut of fox wool. You did religious studies? which religion? if you don't mind me asking, do you have a religion? hehe

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