Wednesday, March 4, 2009

bitter cold

This past weekend I went to the Bitter Cold Showdown. It's a really big skate competition. It also has a pretty nice tradeshow. As a lot of you know, I'm a big fan of Gost and its new offerings. At the tradeshow I got to meet Arlo and pick up the franky hoody in black. The contest was really fun (although shima probably should've been in the finals...) and all in all it was a good weekend. Here are a few pictures from the weekend I found on the internet.

 arlo('s back) and jess d.


valo/them goods booth

jeff stockwell

arlo and chris edwards

After I got home from the contest I started digging through old folders. Look what I found. This picture was taken in 1997. I was 15. At the time, my aunt lived in Plano, Texas. That year we all went to her house to celebrate the holidays. I was pumped. I made my parents drive to Eisenbergs' skate park. Which happens to be located in Plano. Although I was way too cool to ask for a photo, luckily my mom came through. At some point she ran into Arlo's mom, who then told her son to take a picture with me. Isn't my mom the coolest? So, thanks to my mom and arlo's mom. Also, big thanks to arlo, for taking the picture way back in '97 and for the really nice mention on his blog about gblyss.
15 yr. old me and arlo 


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