Monday, February 16, 2009

Gost Brand Spring Preview

So it's no surprise that I am a fan of the Gost brand. I decided that since they put up a little preview on their site, I'd do a little preview and get to know you here.

Unlike most lines, Gost's creator Arlo Eisenberg posits that his is a logo company first, rather than a clothing label. The implications of such a bold statement are interesting. In some ways, I think it frees Eisenberg to push the boundaries of what a logo is and how it is interacted with. A catchphrase like 'give up' is paired with a smiling ghost giving a thumbs up. It's no wonder Arlo worked as a graphic designer/illustrator at Paul Frank before moving on to Franco Shade. It was at Franco Shade where he introduced the streetwear community to a whole new feel.

To me, the 'streetwear' realm has always really just been how most guys actually dress. I guess I'd call it streetwear, but I feel like that gives it a little too much street cred. A quick perusal of the lines and designs available for the budding sneaker/new era head confirms that this niche market has exploded over the past few years. But such an explosion in popularity is certainly a double-edged sword. For every great design and new talent that was found, ten more crappy companies popped up. I'm all for the diy-aesthetic and am happy that with the internet a kid in Kansas can put out a line. But only if it's good. I think what the streetwear community lacks is careful thought. That and maybe we need to stop dressing people like skittles flavors. This is where Gost steps in. The designs and direction of the company are already thought out. It's evident in the collections as a whole and designs themselves.

You can find logo tees, you can find tees with catchphrases. But they all seemed full of bravado. Franco Shade pointed out this bravado and mocked it. Arlo is the first to really seem to be create logos and designs that are self-aware. Emblazoning a shirt with 'Quitters Never Lose' is certainly a bold step. For me, the designs, both at Franco and now with Gost, capture an outlook on life that is at once both pessimistic and content. And I think it's just this juxtaposition that makes Arlo's designs so interesting and marketable.

Now with his own company, Gost, Arlo is free to really pursue this new direction. Gost creates instantly likeable characters. I don't think the designs are overwrought nor are they provocative just for provocation's sake. There's a happy sense of humor mixed in with great design here, and I look forward to more to come.

Check out some looks from Gost's spring preview. You'll probably see me in the 'give up' tee and most likely rocking the hoodie as well.



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