Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Jacket: Uniqlo Shirt: Ralph Lauren Tie:The Hill-Side Trousers:Uniqlo Hat:GraceHats Shoes:Camper PocketSquare:The Hill-Side

Today is Halloween on Moganshan. Not that this is really a costume at all. Actually, it's my best impression of Thom Browne. This is the other jacket I bought in Hong Kong a few weeks back (has it really been 2 months?) from Uniqlo. I picked the trousers up in Osaka after drooling over similar styles at BEAMS and Ciaopanic. I never was the biggest fan of cropped trousers, but the Japanese won me over. I'm still not sure how girls feel about them, but I doubt that feelings are too negative, right?

I can't really say how much I like, no strike that, love my gear from The Hill-Side. The tie is amazing and has held up to 2 plus months of travel and my not always so delicate packing style. It works with jeans and an untucked shirt as well as a blazer/trouser combo for more formal moments. The bandanna, which I've folded into a pocket square here, is great. Still haven't seen a shade quite like the plum chambray. Plus, whenever I get the urge to rob a bank, I have the perfect mask. If you're going to steal someone's money, you should at least be well dressed. 

Happy Halloween kids. 


AsianCajuns said...

I don't think every guy can pull off cropped trousers, but you definitely can - perfectly styled.

So here's my question: with all the amazing clothing you brought and have acquired on your travels, are you packing lightly?

Lesley said...

You look adorably manly! I lovee the jacket and the cropped pants!

Anonymous said...

Love that Lesley used 'adorably manly'. I was trying to come up with a similar description.. Ditto to what Lesley said! Nice pose in the second shot too.

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