Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my stuff

Today, my sister took us out on a little hike. She showed us this cool abandoned building (what abandoned buildings aren't cool?) that was once owned by a family of Russian ex-pats here on the mountain.

After exploring for a few minutes, we noticed some items scattered in the debris inside. "Those are cool bottles..." we all said. After a few moments, I went for them. I know, I know, not so kosher to take from an abandoned house, but still, I figure we can call it 'salvaging' and it's okay, right? I'll show you the bottle I snagged when it's cleaned up and on display in my apartment.

Oh, the clothes. Rogues Gallery shirt, A.P.C. new standards, and Camper shoes.


Any good Halloween plans guys?


Nicole Guarascio said...

These pics are incredible! Hanging out in abandoned buildings is one of my favorite (creepy) things to do, haha.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics.. always fun to go exploring. Is that your sister's dog? Cute. BTW, I like 'co-sign'... may have to steal that one from you. :)

AsianCajuns(Lauren) said...

Gah these photos are so cool, GJs! Abandoned houses are one thing, but abandoned Chinese/Russia dwellings are way cooler. Your backpack (I still covet)/entire outfit is perfect for just such an exploration.

For Halloween Cath is going as Yoko and I'm going as Lady Gaga. We chose our outfits based on what was already in our closets. We each just had to buy wigs. Are you guys celebrating in the bamboo forest and/or returning to the abandoned house?

ps- I can't believe you guys have seen Martha live! Oh my mom would be so jealous (though I appeased her a bit when I told her Eddie Ross checked out her tablescape).

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