Thursday, October 15, 2009

my stuff

I picked up this hat in Osaka from a small hat shop on the walk back to the hotel one day. Obviously, I'm a big fan of driving caps. And I have quite a few of them. What I didn't have was one made in heavy, sweatshirt material cotton. Grey and sweatshirt cotton-sold and sold. The Obey shirt and New Standards are holding up to China well.The real surprise here is I got new specs!

I went for an oval shape. Kind of an impulse buy, I wandered into the glasses shop in the small city at the base of the mountain one night with my sister. She told me before that glasses could be had at pretty amazing prices. A quick eye exam, 45 minutes, and 45 dollars later and here we are. I went for the oval shaped frames. That way I can look like a distinguished architect or modern artist, no? That or the goofy guy with funny shaped glasses. Either way I'm into it. 


Lesley said...

Sweet glasses! Jealous that you get to travel so much! Can I be packed in your suitcase? Thanks!

Erica said...

Very I.M. Pei

Lauren said...

Anything in sweatshirt jersey is good in my book! Good find.

A TIME TO GET said...

Monkey see, monkey do. Or based on the headphones, I guess you might be hearing no evil as he speaks none? Okay I'm done. Good call on the architect look. Now just ditch that plaid get-up for an all black kit and you'll be commissioned the new Guggenheim in no time flat. Don't you have a job somewhere?


AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Yes! I totally thought "I.M. Pei" when I saw the photo of your specs- and what a deal! Love the first pic of you too! Be careful though- I think that monkey is secretly thinking about stealing your awesome Obey shirt- not that I'm projecting.

Maeko said...

Sweet, you have a Cat(egory) called "Steez biting." I love that word. I have a series of stuff called "steez." ^_^

Yeah, I'm in the D. I think it's about time to debut that video on my site AGAIN, since it was 36! this morning in the Farmington Thrills. UGH.

We have to exchange site links.


Anonymous said...

Um, I love monkeys so kudos on the first pic. And the glasses are very cool... a complete steal.

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