Sunday, October 11, 2009

my stuff

Watch Cap:Beauty&Youth(United Arrows), Chambray:J.Crew, Denim:A.P.C,Shoes:Clarks, Rucksack:Fjallraven

This is my Serpico look. Fall is finally starting to hit the mountain here. Not cold enough for a full blown sweater or jacket, more of a good excuse to wear a new hat. I pass this telephone booth on my walks quite a bit (it's on the way to the cafe/restaurant my sister  manages). Don't see phone booths anymore, so I had to take a few shots here. While I'm not  testifying against dirty cops or going undercover, if I ever manage to look half as steezy as Frank Serpico, I would be a happy man. So grab your .45, a peacoat, and go handle some business.


AsianCajuns said...

Nicely done! Seriously, you make a fantastic Serpico - better than Al. Did you ever see the post Lar and I did on Serpico fashion last year?
That film is honestly one of my all time favorite fashion inspirations.

Anonymous said...

Nice phone booth pics! And I dig the hat and chambray.

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