Thursday, September 10, 2009

nice bag

It's no secret that I'm a giant fan of Billykirk leather goods. My cardholder has been a faithful friend all throughout my trip in China. I think the construction and aesthetic are spot on and will never go out of style. While no one can argue about the craftsmanship or quality, some may have a hard time scrounging up a few hundred bucks for a bag, even though they're totally worth it (I suggest getting into the lucrative game of blogging-we're all millionaires now, right?). Needless to say, I was surprised when I saw this Brothers Bray tote by Billykirk for Urban Outfitters. At $88, you can't really beat it. I kind of wish it dropped before I left for China; it'd be perfect. Get it for yourself or for your girl (I bet if you get it for yourself, she'll 'borrow' it for extended periods of time). Or, tell your sugar momma you really need it.

While you're at it, check out the Billykirk site.


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