Friday, September 11, 2009

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My sister lives and works on a mountain that is full of bamboo forests and tea fields. It's beautiful here and on a lot of levels, I could stay here forever. Tons of photo opportunities and time to just get away. The only real challenge? Trying not to look goofy to the locals while you're taking pictures of yourself amongst the bamboo.

Details: the driving cap that's so old the label fell out. Tie by The Hill-Side. The shirt is from Rogues Gallery out of Portland, Maine. Jeans are my A.P.C. New Standards. Breaking in nicely, I think. Blazer by Uniqlo. This is one of the two I picked up while I was in Hong Kong. Super light, it's perfect for that 'expat living in China look'. I know I should have tucked in my shirt, especially since I bothered with a tie and jacket, but you try and hike up a mountain with a silly mustache and we'll see if your shirt stays tucked in. At first, I was just trying to make my sister laugh (normally I have at least a five o'clock shadow or beard-but I forgot the trimmer at home and resorted to a razor). But maybe I'll keep it. I'm trying to get my travel buddies to grow ones for themselves, but so far, no dice. I think it looks like a cross between my name is earl and a mall cop.


Lauren(AsianCajuns) said...

Bamboo forest: I want to go to there!

But more importantly, awesome outfit, GJs!!! Very dapper and indeed very "Expat living in China." And I actually think the shirt looks better untucked!

pst- I'm all for mustaches. That mustachioed man that pops up on our blog every once in a while is my bf. Not only did I encourage the mustache growing, I bought him the wax to curl the ends. It looks like a lot of upkeep but I dont' think it is (he's not a high-maintenance kind of a guy). Here's a link to Clubman's mustache wax:

p.s. tell your travel buddies that my bf gets hit on now more than ever with a furry upper-lip. I think the curls help ;)

Ryan said...


Anonymous said...

Dig the blazer and I actually like the untucked shirt!

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