Monday, July 6, 2009

stuff for your girl

Steven Alan girls make me melt. Get your girl the camden jumper and she'll look classy and sexy all rolled into one magnificent girl. Plus it has pockets.

Everyone needs a good trench, whether they be girl or boy. It just so happens that girls look way better in them than us. This gabardine number by coming soon will make her look like that Russian spy who convinced you to steal documents from the embassy while you were studying abroad.

I think the key to a shirt like this for girls is fitted, but not too tight. Too tight and I think it strays way too close to the 'sexy secretary' look. Mr. Alan's reverse seam shirts are perfect. Sometimes girls, it's the simple things we love about you. Like the way you look in a shirt and jeans. Or the way you roll up your sleeves. Even if we never mention it, we always notice.


Lauren said...

Love the top look. I wish I could pull of jumpers but I tend to just look school-aged in them.

Anonymous said...

Great picks! I like that you called out that the jumper has pockets.. that's always a plus for me. And good job selecting the plaid shirt... it's the perfect throw-on.

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