Thursday, July 2, 2009

my stuff

straw hat, chambray j.crew workshirt, apc new standards, camper shoes

I've had this hat forever. Although there are a lot of cool straw hats in the fedora and panama style, I never felt like I could pull them off. I do like a good baseball cap. The straw is perfect for the summer heat and sun. J.Crew and I have had kind of a rocky relationship throughout the years. But I always find myself grabbing a shirt or sweater every now and then. I really like the chambray workshirts they did this season. I grabbed the indigo and I've had my eye out for the white chambray. It's no secret I like new standard jeans. Although they could stand up by themselves when I first got them, they are breaking in amazingly. No washes yet. And no, they don't stink. I promise.


Anonymous said...

I dig the hat and look. Do more outfit posts please! :) It's a nice change to see guys' daily outfits. What tattoo do you have on your arm?

AsianCajuns said...

Ooo I second Becs on this- it is very refreshing to see a guy's outfit. I like your indigo chambray against the indigo paint- nicely done.

I think this weekend I might browse the men's section at J.Crew- the ladies selection is usually a little preppy for me.

Bonnie Klyde said...

I love straw hats. They're classic for summer. Thanks for the comment! I've already gotten a great start to my 17th year. Youth is fantastic.

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