Tuesday, June 16, 2009

'a pretentious little git'

Ask and ye shall receive is a site dedicated to reviewing blogs. I submitted the blog a few months ago and then instantly regretted it-I really thought I'd get torn apart (although a little criticism never hurt us, right?). Gblyss' review on ask and ye shall receive was posted today and it turned out surprisingly nicely. Always full of constructive criticism and a great sense of humor (and potty mouths) check out their site for new blogs and great reviews. Thanks to Calamity for taking it easy on me. (although somehow a pretentious little git seems way too accurate a description...)


AsianCajuns said...

Oh I'm much too much of a weenie to do something like that- well done you. But "pretentious git"? If that's you, then we all fall in that club.

ps- as for the belt. Of course I want the expensive one I found, and I've had to postpone that purchase for a week or two while I pay off my brand new macbook pro!!! But that belt will.be.mine. I'll keep you posted.

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