Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my stuff

The other find from the army surplus store. An authentic parachute bag probably from the '60s. The unusual shape makes it stick out from duffles and other bags. Designed to have a parachute stuffed in it, this bag can hold a ton of crap.

I'd like to think that when I first saw the rain flap I thought about how practical it would be as an extra layer of protection against precipitation. But really, I just thought how cool the metal snaps look. Although it's nice to know your bag is rated for jungle warfare and high altitude conditions. You never know...

It's like a mega tote. I al ways look for bags that have handles/straps like this one. The handle itself wraps around the entire bag, which I think better distributes the weight. I'm a chronic over-stuffer: my slr, the point+shoot, a magazine or two, notebooks, my computer, etc., etc. so I need reinforced handles. I'm not advocating a bag this size for everyday use (although I could see girls rocking this-the straps would be big enough to throw over a shoulder), but I do see using it for traveling. Or stuffing it with treasures when I go shopping instead of collecting fancy paper bags.


Lauren said...

That bag is awesome. Clearly I need to start frequenting the army/navy surplus store.

d said...

check out the rose bowl for these type of bags.
cross the bridge and shop the white section...
(the rb is sectioned by color, thus the white section)...i bought 3 of these bags about 2 months ago there. a lot of the clothes dealers
sell these bags.

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