Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shigoto Fashion Ltd.

American workwear has no doubt had a resurgence in popularity lately. Much of that popularity has to do with Japanese designers helping reinterpret and repackage classic Americana-think Daike Suzuki and Engineered Garments. 

In a refreshing take, Shigoto Fashion brings us their version of classic Japanese workwear. Inspired by the centuries old workwear of Japanese construction workers, Shigoto has sourced quality hand woven fabrics to create their wares. Made in Okyama, Japan. 

Although the silhouette of the traditional Tobi pant is a bit much for me, these Niji slim cut pants are a great look, especially if you ride a bike a lot. The gathered leg would keep your pants away from your chain and the roomy thighs would keep you comfortable. The fabric and color would look great with a nice oxford and ivy cap. 

The split-toe Matsuri Tabi shoes are my favorite offering from Shigoto. In a sea of moccasins and Red Wing boots, these would be a nice alternative. I've read articles about how splitting the toe is actually more comfortable for long periods-the thought being the foot is naturally split along the toe. I would love to see how these shoes fit and perform.  


wrennybird said...

If you actually acquire those Tabi shoes, I'll demand a picture.

AsianCajuns said...

I second wrennybird! Those boots kick ass- and I have some studs that really like the look of them too (that is, if you don't use them all on a gray suit ;)
ps- you're post is mentioned on the Shigoto home page! Congrats!

AsianCajuns said...

Those Tobi pants would make me look like 3 ft tall, but they look so comfortable!

- Catherine

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