Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"woke up early on my born day..."

27. It sounds older when you say it out loud. No big plans. But if you want to get me something, you could get me this Wings+Horns trench. They have it over at Blackbird. I've been looking for a nice spring coat. I was torn between a traditional mac or a trench. This seems like a nice balance, although it leans way towards the mac. Really, I'm just looking for a nice single breasted, unlined, mid-length coat for April showers and the occasional summer thunderstorm. Any suggestions?

Ever since I first heard this song, particularly nas' verse, (circa 1996) I promised myself I would listen to it the day I turned twenty. I've listened to the song the morning of every birthday since. Seven years after 20 and I still like the song. Nas always made me want to live in New York City. 


Korea-Seoul-Map said...

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Shini said...

really cool that you have this one song that you listen to every birthday. HAPPYBUTHDAY btw :D

AsianCajuns said...

Happy, happy 27th, GJs!!!! When we become rich and famous, we will buy you the perfect mac. It should happen soon- so how 'bout for your 28th?

ellie said...

very cool line there...

Lesley said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

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