Wednesday, April 22, 2009

best parents ever

So at dinner tonight, my parents handed me this book and that first edition Franny and Zooey I was pining over. Amazing. I was nervous just holding the books. 

I would've scanned the Franny&Zooey but I didn't want to bend the spine. I'm really excited to read these stories, I haven't read them before. It's such a treat to be able to see the trajectory of an author through unpublished work. I'm not sure if anyone has ever captured feeling lost in the world much better than Salinger and for my money there isn't better dialogue out there. For me, reading Salinger's work was a watershed moment. The ease it seemed to be written with, the pathos that his characters engender, all made me want to read more. Not just of his work, but more books in general. 

Anyways, to sum it all up; I don't deserve my parents. Good birthday for sure. 


AsianCajuns said...

You got it! You got it! Oooo I'm sooo jealous/happy for you- and just plain jealous over the unpublished stories- gasp!
Sounds like an absolutely terrific birthday to me. Nice going, Green Jeans Parents!

Bonnie Klyde said...

oooh that is covetable. Salinger is so amazing. I wish my parents thought of gifts like that.

Lauren said...

Oh my god, that's amazing. I love Salinger, especially his stories about the Glass family, like Franny and Zooey, and come to think of it, everything besides Catcher in the Rye. Which is the one thing of his that I'm not a fan of. Go figure. It just feels to me like he's writing for himself, and that this all already exists in him and he's just putting it down on paper, which is something one doesn't come across frequently. I'm going to stop now before I babble about how great he is for eight more paragraphs.
Happy Birthday!

wrennybird said...

I got a little choked up reading this. Happy Birthday!

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