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For the inaugural Q+A segment we have Garrett, from Dublin's own Indigo&Cloth. Ireland's official and exclusive stockist for both amazing mens' and womens'  wear. From perusing their blog and talking with Garrett, Indigo&Cloth brings you understated, quality products from brands with interesting stories behind them. Founded in 2007, Indigo&Cloth ranks up there with the major stockists of the world. It's stores like Indigo&Cloth that will work with you to find exactly what you're looking for in quality, durable goods.  

Without further ado, the q+a:
1. The menswear market now is much bigger than I remember it being in quite some time. It seems like maybe the bubble is bursting with the economy and all. Do you think prices will need to be adjusted? Although with most brands you carry quality is always a concern, do you think your customers are more interested in staple, long term pieces, rather than more trend-driven wares?

Menswear is really exciting at the moment. I think there will be a split between brands reducing costs and brands becoming more creative. From a store perspective we are going to stay true to our concept. Iv always said we are the investment piece store. Im finding guys more so than women see the point of investing and its my job to make that an attainable, unique experience.

2. How much of the store's inventory is a reflection of your personal style? Is there a tension between what sells and what you personally like? 

The first year was a learning experience. We got alot of it right thankfully, but stores should evolve, especially new one's. I love all the labels in the store and we are pretty settled. There's always some tension so what i do now is buy a few odd pieces for myself and tag them onto an order, put them in the shop for a few weeks, get a response and then generally wear. Which now that i think about it means i get it right, most times anyway! Once you learn from mistakes but still push boundaries, thats what its all about.

3. Do you have a particular customer in mind? How would you describe your average customer?

I never use the word average, its a thing with me but of course know what you mean. Alot of my customers are similarly minded. They generally travel or work in jobs that are creative. Then of course, we get the 'should be shopping there' customers and damn straight, they should be, but they are more concept driven not product. You need both of them so you need to have both product and concept.

4. Do you attend tradeshows like Magic? If so, do you ever actually buy from designers you discovered at the show? Or do you make appts. with designers beforehand? Any tips on standing out?

I havn't gone to the States yet, but stress yet! I went to Capsule Paris this season and always go to Copenhagen. I love tradeshows but try not to buy at the show as you never get it 100%. I use tradeshows to tie my offering together, see who's good and upcoming and generally just learn. I love learning because you know you'll never know enough. If your a good brand with good product, a good buyer will always find you.

5. Essentials for Spring/Summer?

Im pretty simple about these things and pretty product driven. If I find something I like I buy it, not because I 'should' buy it. A guy should always have a pair of denims he loves, a few quality shirts, some knitwear and a mac for summer. Basic quality t's are always good too.

6. Any new labels that you think deserve some attention?

To be honest id say they've all been blogged. Nobody new, new but Albam is one to watch. I really like Hyden Yoo and I like what Kato are doing

7. One wardrobe staple from your own closet?

My Edwin Ed47's

8. Favorite place to eat in your city?

Elephant & Castle, best wings in the world. They don't do them in NY for some mad reason...

9. Favorite blogs/websites?

10. Most boutique owners say that they open their shops out of necessity. Is there anything you feel designers are sleeping on these days? Any niches than need filling? 

Invention is born out of necessity. somebody more important than me said that and i agree with them. The future is 'real' clothing. From the organic cotton fields to mans back in an authentic way. Limited numbers, better quality. Fashion is becoming less about the bullshit, nobody has time for that anymore.

So many thanks to Garrett and Indigo&Cloth for taking the time out to answer these questions. Stop by the store!


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