Thursday, March 26, 2009

designer spotlight-Snoozer Loser

Snoozer Loser is the brainchild of Sonia Tay, a Parsons graduate based out of New York City. The line is a breezy, whimsical take on color and prints. The quirky sense of humor belies the seriousness Tay applies to her craft. Natural dyes add ethereal colors to gauzy tanks and blouses. The new Spring 2009 collection makes me think instantly of hazy, soft focus summer days. The hand illustrations of Charles Darwin and Virginia Woolf are amazing. The collection also features crystal pendants, great dresses, and spot on skirts.

SnoozerLoser is for the girl who sees beauty in the clouds and had a bug collection when she was little. She practically memorized For Esme, with love and squalor and wore the spine out of

Both these tanks are 100% cotton voile, making them perfect for summer time. I love the specimen jars on the Charles Darwin print. Meeting a girl who is wearing a Virginia Woolf print would make any night worthwhile.
A girl with good taste in skirts is a girl worth getting to know.
This print is awesome. The subtle tiering is a great touch.

The color and print of this skirt are amazing. Girls, you could steal the heart of that hunky geology grad student...

SnoozerLoser is for the girl that wins over your friends and your little sister. Sharp and clever in all the right places, the new collection offers a little something for everyone.

As an added bonus, Sonia graciously answered some questions!

1. You went to Parsons, right? What was your favorite class? Did you always know you wanted to be in fashion?

A Textiles class I took in Parsons Paris.. We learned about painting on silks, batik and mixing our own dyes. I couldn't decide between Photography, Fine Art or Fashion Design when choosing majors, but I feel this was the ultimate best decision.

2. Favorite place to eat in your hometown?

I love Oro Bakery in Little Italy.

3. Favorite color?


4. Snoozer Loser features a lot of dyes and prints. Is there a lot of experimentation before you get it right? Do you find it hard to find eco-friendly pigments?

There's been a lot of experimentation actually! We have a formula for every color we use, especially when filling multiple orders. We've been into mixing our own natural dyes lately, like using Indigo and Coreopsis . Hibiscus Tea makes this hazy purplish color that is just amazing and Turmeric makes a brilliant honey gold.

5. What are some of your favorite prints?

I love the hand-drawn illustrations of Virginia Woolf and Charles Darwin. On our dip-dyed cotton tanks, they look like wearable prints on paper.

6. Virginia Woolf is mentioned...did you read her work and get inspired?

Oh yes... since high school. I always thought she was the ultimate female icon.

7. What's the hardest part of running your own line?


8. Where did the inspiration for the crystals come from?

Rock Chemistry, Earth Science Class, Howes Caverns in Upstate NY. Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal was a big influence on this season. I love mineral and crystal stores, I was totally one of those dorky kids that collected fossil segments, amethyst stones and geodes for fun.

9. The line works really well together and as separates. The tops look amazing with your skirts, but would also look great with jeans.. How much of that is by design? Do you set out to make separates?

All of our looks are planned out during the design phase, so I guess you could say that it is intentional. I think it's important to create a cohesive look, for people to visualize it on their own. Since the line has so many novelty pieces and prints, it's always important for us show the versatility in each piece.

10. I know it's difficult to answer, but who do you see being attracted to your line? Do you design for yourself, or do you have a particular type of customer in mind?

I definitely design things I would like to wear on a subconscious level. I try to create things I understand hopefully in turn create a connection with the customer.

So, there you have it. Go get all that great gear at SnoozerLoser's online shop!


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Great Q & A!

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great post, i will definitely keep an eye out for them. the title of your blog is awesome, keep up the good work.

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The skirts are divine! I would wear them in a second!FOund you through Facebook!

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