Monday, February 9, 2009

the noumenal girl

I want to live in The Sartorialist's world. All the women are smartly dressed and the men have style and grace. sigh.I don't really know what it means that I notice that her shoes have t-straps...but I do know that I like her shoes. And her bag. She seems like the girl you met during that semester abroad in Paris. You were supposed to study international finance and the effects of globalization but instead you marveled at how she smoked endless cigarettes and drank really strong coffee. That and the way she dressed made you feel like you were in a movie.

How come whenever I buy food on the street it's always just me and the vendor? If you saw this girl at a food stand, you'd go back to the food stand at the same time the next day. Not because you wanted to see her again...that hot dog and knish is just that good right?
Gloves! I really do think gloves are pretty much the coolest accessory ever for girls. She would look a lot different is she wasn't wearing the gloves. The fact that she tops it off with a nice blazer and a cool haircut means she pretty much wins.

How badly do you wish she was meeting you for coffee? You wouldn't even care that she has no explanation for being an hour late.

I've decided that all girls need a great jacket and a great pair of gloves. That and we all need to live as if the sartorialist was just around the corner with his camera...


AsianCajuns said...

So when will the sartorialist come to Atlanta?!
Love you pics- I would want to meet them for coffee too- and learn their je ne sais quois.

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