Tuesday, February 10, 2009

nice jeans

Good denim is an essential. It's not even an option. Everyone should have a go to jean. You can wear them anywhere, now. But don't. Lately, I've seen some really ridiculous denim. It seems as if too many guys are letting their girls pick out their jeans. True Religion jeans are full of the wackness fellows, no matter what she says, bless her heart. And always wear a belt.

I'm a huge proponent of maintaining a close relationship with a good tailor, but there's something about tailored jeans that I don't really like. So, unfortunately, girls, I don't think you'll ever get us to wear our jeans properly. I like a slouchy jean. So if you're looking for some tighter fits, I'm not your guy. It's not that I'm opposed, I just don't have any picks. (although don't tapered jeans make your nerd alert go off?)

Although you'll probably always catch me in Levis 514s of some sort, I have been looking for something a little different. Much thanks to ryan willms from h(y)rcollective for sharing these A.P.C. jeans. I think if I do get a pair it'll be the rescue jean in raw denim.


Lesley said...

My best guy friend has the APC jeans and he's in love with them and wears them like everyday. No joke. You've been warned.

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