Sunday, February 22, 2009

nice pullovers

I really like B.Son from San Fran. Their stuff is always eye catching without being loud. I like the clean lines and soft color ways. This hooded pullover is solid.

The only thing I don't like about this double collar pullover is that it's sold out at Self Edge. The good news is that a lot of good stores carry b.son.

Hey guys, do you ever strategically plan shopping with your girl so that a cool little vintage store is across the street from say...a comic book(nerd alert) store? How about when you go out to buy one of these really cool sweatshirts you 'find' a store that has a pair of these for her?

ballet flats from slowandsteadywinstherace. Impress with a wry reference to Kosuth when you hand them to her. Annoy her when you make her model them between a picture of her modeling them and a description of her modeling them.


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