Tuesday, February 24, 2009

nice essentials

A good v-neck, solid blazer, denim, and sensible shoes will pretty much get you anywhere nowadays. Throw in a good hoodie and I'm your man.

Don't go crazy on the v-neck. Anything more than 25 bucks is just kind of silly, isn't it? American Apparel isn't too shabby if you can ignore the fact that the owner is kind of a creeper. But I always liked the fact that almost anywhere I travel I can grab a pack of v-necks and be set. But remember, that guy with the sundance kid mustache who always gets the hipster girls? He wears aa v necks...

For the blazer, it doesn't really matter as long as it''s a good solid color. Check out the local vintage and consignment shops, you can find pretty good fabrics and styles. Then get it dry cleaned and tailored. Bam. Slip it on and already your charisma went up 5 points. I know I've posted this Junya WatanabexCDG jacket before, but I really think it's perfect as a solid blazer. But maybe that's because I want to go to Paris and buy it at colette

Denim. I'll cosign raw denim. Avoid a wash and just let it age. Remember, always wear a belt. And avoid any kind of silly embellishments. Although I do think APC is my  new favorite, these Iron Heart jeans at Self Edge are cool. 

These are actually my campers. I don't like everything they do, but I have had these shoes for years. I really like the tatami insole, it's really comfortable and light. I prefer light weight shoes and probably have too much fondness for mocassins, hence the love of wallabees, these, and other tan shoes. 

ps gettingbeatlikeyoustoleomething made Coutorture's daily must read...check it out and all the other great blogs on the network!


Lesley said...

I love AA deep v-necks!!! I basically live in them! Hmm...I'm sensing a trend. It seems that I want to wear everything you recommend your guy readers. Should I be aware of something?! :-P

wrennybird said...

You need to hold seminars. I know some style challenged men I could send your way.

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