Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the noumenal girl

The noumenal girl. That's the girl who listened to Joy Division and xtc in high school. Who if she smokes, smokes Dunhills. She makes killer steak and frites and has better taste in movies than you. She also has incredible style and makes every other woman look like the j.v. squad. In other words, she's the perfect girl.

For me, Nancy Kwan is a noumenal girl. A muse for Sassoon. She's the reason why girls cut their hair into bobs. And why you like it.

If you have not seen The Wild Affair, you must. The only real reason is to see Nancy Kwan in a wardrobe by Mary Quant rocking Vidal Sassoon's bob. That and to understand why I have an impossible notion of women. The style of the film is quintessential '60's mod and will make you wish you were born in London in 1961. It will also make you wish every girl wore their hair in a bob and rocked vintage Quant shift dresses.


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