Tuesday, January 27, 2009

barry mcgee x rvca

Barry McGee is a California based artist whose work is inspired by his graffiti background. His installations utilize found objects and what has become trademark geometric patterns. I first heard of him through an article in Giant Robot. I was instantly drawn to his installations and clever eye. I also got a kick out of the ray fong hair nets. In many ways, McGee has updated Duchamp's readymade concept, taking objects from the urban sprawl and repurposing them into his own signature expressions. There seems a happy melancholy in McGee's work, his characters are often endearing, but always seem a tad despondent, as though they haven't really found their own places.

Want a little piece of Barry McGee? Can't make it to an art show? Rvca's got your back. I normally don't cosign trucker hats, but it's barry...so you can. Go for the sweater. Personally I'm holding out for some hairnets...


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