Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stuff For Your Girl

A few more 'just because' items for your girl. Small, cute, but not overly cutesy gifts that make her smile. I don't know where Sonia finds this stuff, but I guarantee it'll score you some points.

Is your girl an accountant? Is she really organised? Get her the Abacus Pendant. That way she can keep track of all the sweet, gentlemanly things you do for her during the day. Like always walking between her and the street.

The Geode Skull Pendant is a pretty awesome necklace. Just make sure you give it to a pretty awesome girl. It'd be wasted on anyone else. The fact that the skull is a Day of the Dead skull makes it even cooler.

 The Jade Pipe Pendant is my favorite. I've been in China/Asia for over two months now and haven't seen something as cool as this. This pendant is for the girl who can talk about Truffaut and The Hangover in the same sentence and wears five inch heels just as easily as Air Force Ones. Plus when you guys get bored, she could totally serenade you with it. 

If you haven't, get over to SnoozerLoser NY.  


Lesley said...

Haha I'd totally rock an abacus necklace!

Anonymous said...

Great picks. My fav is the skull necklace b/c of the rock cutout. Love it.

AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Oh I want the Jade pendant. I would feel like I was embracing more of my Asian side (Cath and I never did the jade bracelet thing- all of our aunts and cousins wear them).

Nicole Guarascio said...

Love this post! I like the abacus. Who is Sonia? Does she find all your "stuff for your girl"?

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