Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stuff For Your Girl

I found dace on Max's (from AllPlaidout) inspiration board WellPlaid. He posted the picture of the Martin dress, actually. Curious, I clicked the link and discovered a whole new designer and label. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, Dace Moore has been in business for herself since 2002. dace is one of the more complete lines I've seen in womenswear. The styling for the online shop is amazing and I think I am more than slightly in love with the model, or any girl that dresses like this (is that creepy?). Seriously, though. Peep the shoe game for these looks. 

The Martin dress may be my favorite, although it's hard to say. I think it's the front pockets that seals the deal for me.

Coming up second is the Penner dress. Simply pretty, no?

The Mendes shorts are pretty awesome.When guys think about girls in shorts, I like to think we all think of shorts like this, not daisy dukes-but maybe that's just a character flaw of mine. These are just a few of the looks that caught my eye. I really think the shirting is spot on as well. From the shirts to the outerwear, dace has got your girl covered. 

I think snoozerloser and dace combined could dress my dream girl. I don't know what she looks like or where she's from, but I know she has good taste in clothes. 


Lesley said...

Yayyy now I can comment on your wall without my computer going crazy. Or so I hope!!! I love all these outfits. :-)

Ryan said...

classy, casual, great models, I want to hang out with these women and that should be every companies goal...

Anonymous said...

Those girls are hot!

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