Thursday, October 1, 2009

nice parka

The changing seasons haven't gone unnoticed by yours truly. Solid parkas are a necessity where I'm from and often times have little to do with style. Survival is key when you're trudging to school in February, dodging snowballs, and trying not to slip on ice covered sidewalks. A good parka helps you enjoy the beauty that is winter. Living in the midwest has garnered me quite the collection over the years of nylon, quilted, and down stuffed parkas. That doesn't mean I don't notice a good thing when I see it.

The first photo is part of the amazing Nigel Cabourn collection. Inspired by the first ascent of Everest, Mr. Cabourn's collection is as meticulously constructed as it is aesthetically appealing. The Mountain Rucksack Parka is certainly one of my favorites this season. I love wool and the hop-sack style wool outer is choice. The term 'investment piece' is bandied about a lot these days, but I do think that this is such a piece. I especially love the built in rucksack on the back in a contrast color. Check out Oi Polloi for more detailed shots. 

The second jacket is the CW Corona Parka from Woolen Mills by Woolrich. This is probably one of the more perfect parkas I've seen in awhile. The knee length helps cut down on wintry winds, while the fur lined canvas outer keeps you warm and dry. I also really like that the lining is removable-I always end up wearing the lining of parkas a lot. Also available at Oi Polloi

So grab yourself a good coat and go snowshoeing this winter-it's a great way to enjoy a fresh blanket of snow...


Blank Label said...

i dig the first one with the belt. seems snug n will keep your body heat contained =)

donna said...

After miserably living through Canadian winters year after year, A/W fashion is my only consolation.

Love that 1st coat. It actuall looks like the male version of Smythe surplus coat. I hope it's not $700

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