Friday, September 25, 2009

Stuff For Your Girl

SnoozerLoser has quickly become my go-to for cool stuff for girls. There's always a hint of whimsy mixed with an edge that makes you know it was designed for really, really cool girls. Girls that are out of our leagues, but somehow deign us worthy of their time. To thank her for such magnanimity, how about something from the Fall/Winter collection?

The Lydia cotton shift is a classic silhouette and would be perfect for any date you could dream up. Plus it has studs. I think girls like studs. The fact that a big inspiration (and the namesake) come from Beetlejuice makes it even more perfect. Especially if your girl is, to quote Lydia Deetz "...strange and unusual...". (trust me, girls who are strange and unusual make the best girlfriends)

The Veruca Pepper Hoodie is one of my favorites. It instantly makes me think of that girl you see strolling down the street that you never, ever forget. Girls-pair this with raw skinny denim and I promise all boys will swoon. 

The skull necklace is amazing. The fact that it's real bone makes it even that much better. This is the necklace you get when clearly, she's cooler than you. She liked Joe Strummer way before everyone else, can drink more than you, and yet she still holds your hand in the most delicate manner ever. 

Get it all at SnoozerLoser's online shop. Tell them I sent you. (I gotta get cool points somehow). 


AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Dang it, GJs! I thought I was going to be good from here on out, but first the Fjallraven backpack and now this! Tsk, tsk! How am I going to save for my trip around Asia???
p.s. Girls do indeed like studs. I've tried to cure myself of this trend and just can't shake it.

yulanda said...

That skull necklace is really cool looking.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy these posts.. for obvious reasons. Good call on the studs! Yes, we def. like them. Nice picks all the way around!

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