Friday, September 4, 2009

sorry for the interruption

Sorry for the irregular postings lately. (as if you were all anxiously awaiting each and every post...) I also apologize for not checking out everyone else's-China makes it a bit more difficult than I thought... But don't worry, you should see a return to regular ramblings and bad pictures-I have a few days to rest and recuperate on a mountain (Thomas Mann eat your heart out) before I head to Tokyo. Oh and I also apologize if my blog makes your browser crash. I'm not so sure why, but methinks that your browsers just may have good taste. 


Lauren said...

Oh the great firewall of china. Well, enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

OK, thanks for bringing that up. I thought it was only my computer, but for some reason, I def. cannot go on your blog when I'm at home because it freezes my computer. But at work, it's completely fine. So now you know whenever I comment, I'm at work. :) Yes, def. been thinking about getting inked on and off for the last year. Love the finger tattoos, but I'll prob. get my first one done on the side of my rib cage. Do you have any there? I heard it's going to hurt like heck. Have fun in Tokyo!

AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

It doesn't crash if you have a Mac (snooty, I know) and open it in Safari. Cath and I open Safari (vs. firefox) especially for Getting Beat ;)

Can't wait to see more photos and hear your ramblings. Seriously, why else would we open this browser daily? Hope you are having a wonderful pre-Tokyo weekend!

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