Sunday, September 20, 2009

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I love shopping in Japan. Worldwide retailers please take note- a friendly smile and smart packaging goes a long way.

I had been looking forward to stopping in United Arrows when I started planning this trip. It's kind of like Barney's or BEAMS, only slightly more affordable. They carry suiting to Red Wings. I also scored hipster points when, while I was checking out their collection of stuff from The Hill-Side, the clerk noticed my bandanna and gave me a thumbs up. We chatted about where the fabrics came from and then I noticed this hat.

Made in the U.S.A. and sold in Japan. Sigh. It's a 100% wool watch cap built to military spec. I figured it'd be perfect for any Serpico moments I might have. I love olive drab and I thought it'd go well with the vest I nabbed from Ciaopanic.

Is it weird that when I saw the blackwatch plaid lining I thought of AllPlaidout?

I'm a sucker for gray and for wool. Combine the two into a slim fitting, down-filled quilted vest and I'm sold. Ciaopanic does a nice job of taking workwear and outdoor gear inspiration without going full on repro. This vest is going to get a ton of wear this fall/winter.

I know, I know. When I got the Edwin 503s I said I was set for denim. And I was. But when the Levis store in Shinjuku is having a 50% off sale, you don't think twice. Especially when it applies to 501s modeled after the 1937 model. Raw and selvage, these are Levis that are really hard to get a hold of back home. I love the suspender buttons.

I also love the cinch buckle on the back. Wool watch cap, wool vest, raw denim- all I need is the perfect pair of boots and my F/W uniform is basically complete. What are you guys wearing this fall?


Anonymous said...

You got some great stuff! Love the vest and the cinch buckle on the back of the jeans is clutch. I love pants that have that detail.

Nicole Guarascio said...

Fantastic blog! Love Love Love your style! I'm so jealous that you get to shop in Japan!

Blank Label said...

raw denim!!!!
got i love it. esp. selvage.
it's so beautiful and makes you feel like you've really got something great going.
dig the style

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