Monday, September 14, 2009

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Can you tell I like bamboo? The views are amazing and being able to touch bamboo this thick is pretty neat. I've been trying to run or walk around at least for an hour or so for the past few days and it's criminal how little I've seen of the mountain. Everything from waterfalls to koi ponds are at my doorstep. If you get the chance, come visit Monganshan-I know a pretty cool pastry chef/manager of a really nice coffee shop/restaurant (and it's not just 'cause she's my sister)...

To the clothes:
Jeans are the Edwin 503s I got back in Hong Kong. It's crazy how one wash makes such a difference. These are much softer than the A.P.C.s. I do really like the red selvage. I'm leaving for Osaka and Tokyo on Wednesday and now that I have Edwins, I'll fit in right?

The shirt is a Dior shirt I've had since high school. No, I didn't buy a Dior shirt just to wear to school-a friend of my mom's gave me a ton of shirts they had laying around when they heard I had to wear them as part of my uniform. I always liked this one and have kept it in rotation ever since.

You can see The Hill-Side bandanna peeking out-it's really come in handy on this trip. Plus, with the mustache, when I wear it around my neck I totally kind of look like a real train robber. Can't beat that.

And of course Clarks desert treks. The crepe sole is really comfy, especially on all the stone steps here on the mountain. I think I'm going to grab a pair of luggers while I'm here too. You can never have enough Clarks, can you?


AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Seriously, you are making me think that all bloggers should use bamboo as their outfit backdrops. It grows pretty well here in the ATL- kind of like kudzu, we're always trying to tame it.

Wait, your sis is a pastry chef??? Oh Cath and I are soooo there! I'm curious, does she make Chinese pastries? I'm a major sweet tooth and thus totally sold.

Lastly, I'm totally impressed you still have a shirt from high school- let alone it is Dior. Most of my high school shirts have fallen apart because they were from Express- eeesh.

Anonymous said...

Look at you all fancy rocking the Dior shirt. :) I agree with Lar; that's a great background for pics.

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