Friday, July 24, 2009

capsule show, an introduction

The Capsule show was amazing. Partly because it was an opportunity to see clothes that I've only seen on my computer screen. Mostly because the show served as a catalyst for a lot of great people to congregate in the Lower East Side of New York for four great days. Hard working, creative, generous, and kind to a fault; these guys and girls served as a great source of inspiration and energy for yours truly. A great big hello and nice to meet you (and thank you) goes out to Ryan(youhavebrokentheinternet), Max(allplaidout), Jake Davis, Sonia(snoozerloser), James(secretforts), Emil(thehill-side), Chris(folk), Raan(apolisactivism), Rogues Gallery, 3Sixteen, ContextClothing, BillyKirk, SwipeLife, and so, so many more.

Rather than put all the photos I took and my impressions in one huge post, I figured I'd start with my overall impression and then do posts on individual brands over the next few days.

Initially, I was overwhelmed when I walked through the doors. The venue (a once condemned church) was amazing and added a lot of character. The music was a tad too loud, especially since the ostensible purpose was to conduct business and allow designers and reps to talk about their labels. Other than that, the organizers did a great job-free water, booze, and the now ubiquitous energy drink were plentiful and kept everyone in fairly good moods.

Quick impressions: The workwear thing, it definitely is here to stay. Almost every company had at least a chambray shirt or hickory striped something. Best in show goes to Folk.
The opportunity to see these clothes up close really highlighted the quality and care that goes into their design and construction. I feel far more comfortable posting about and recommending them. The fact that the people behind these brands are so warm and inviting makes me even more willing to give them my money.

Stay tuned for spotlights on Folk, Billy Kirk, and my other favorites of the show.


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