Thursday, June 18, 2009

stuff for your girl

I've always had a soft spot for girls who wear scarves well. Like a headband (or any accessory really) scarves can go wrong really quickly. But the girl who rocks a scarf with an elephant wearing battle armor can't ever really go wrong, could she? It's summer so keep the scarf light-this one is linen and bamboo rayon. Again, snoozerloser makes it easy to impress the fairer sex.

The next time you get her a bag, throw in a good book too. For this bag, I'd get her The Beak of the Finch or a great old edition of On the Origin of Species. I've been on the tote tip lately, and this tote would be perfect for your girl. Well, perfect if she's the type of girl who loves specimen jars, butterflies, 19th century biologists, and stares at the clouds when you drive her around. If your girl likes any of those things, hold on to her. It's easy to find a pretty smile, but next to impossible to find a girl that appreciates the real fineries of life.

Both are great deals and both will make her smile that shy, slight smile that lets you know you really make her happy. So run over to snoozerloser's online store toot sweet.


AsianCajuns said...

How about girls who like curiosity cabinets. I want one of those, but without the real life dead creatures: faux butterflies pinned in frames, branches painted to look like coral, driftwood antlers, etc.

Going to snoozerloser now...

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