Thursday, June 11, 2009

nice shoes

I love Clarks. There is nothing more comfortable than a crepe sole for walking through the city or taking a quick hike in the park. I have owned a lot of shoes, but I always go back to Clarks. 

I started with the wu-wallabee. Everyone in the day rocked these, kids in catholic school to the guys that kicked in the brewsters. I blew out my last pair, so I don't currently own a pair, but whenever I get around to it, they will be in this color. 

I owned a pair of luggers once. Every time I find a store that carries them, they aren't in my size. Everyone's been on the whole mocassin tip lately, but I like these more than quoddys. 

Desert Treks are my favorite. I've been wearing my pair off and on for the past few years. The beeswax leather just gets better looking the more you wear it. Unlined and at a nice height, perfect for the summer. I plan on taking these to China at the end of this summer. 


A TIME TO GET said...

Is Clakrs gonna make your pinewood car for ya?

A TIME TO GET said...

Or Clarks?

Anonymous said...

These look super comfy. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Yes, I like Shaun's blog.. thanks for recommending it! Have a great weekend!

AsianCajuns said...

Usually "Clarks" make a girl run in the opposite direction (not on men, just thinking about them in my own closet), but I'm walking to work these days and I think I do indeed want a pair of my own!

ps- going to China? Sounds awesome!

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