Sunday, May 31, 2009

nice shirt

So before this blog turns into complete sycophancy, I promise I'll keep it cool on the praise for the h(y)r collective crew. But I really do think that if you're in the market for a shirt this season, THE oxford by h(y)r and Gitman Bros. is the one to get. Gitman Bros. are known for their quality and workmanship-they also make shirts for Thom Browne. I really like the high gusset on this cut. A higher gusset normally looks better when worn untucked. This shirt could easily become the shirt that never really leaves your rotation year-round. If funds were unlimited, I'd cop all 3 colorways. But if you put a gun to my head, I'd pick the gray. But it's a tough one between gray and red.  

The best window into someone's sense of style is always in the details. For me, small subtle details are the way to go. The red contrast stitching on the back of the collar is so choice. Now, when you step in front of her to open the door she'll notice that you have discerning taste, and it may just make her smile.  

Seriously, girls really like oxfords. I think. I'm pretty sure. A solid oxford may be the closest thing to girl-kryptonite. It's not going to completely win her over (even with kryptonite Lex Luthor never won), but it does make it that much more possible. And we could use all the help we can get. 

For more detailed shots and sizing info go here.

Get them at Roden Gray, Nom de Guerre, or Tres Bien


Shen-Shen said...

Haha yea, I think you may be right, oxfords do make me a little week at the knees.

AsianCajuns said...

Yes, girls do love a man in a nice oxford. Once in a while my boyfriend will ask me to pick something out for him, and it's always an oxford.
I want one of these for myself too ;)

ps- where can one get a vintage belt with shell-holders to you think?

Anonymous said...

HA! I like your style of writing. Good choice to go with the gray, though I like the red too. And thanks for adding me to your links.. I'm adding you right now to mine.

Lauren said...

I just got a sweet menswear shirt myself- with a really great sort-of-like-a tuxedo bib, or maybe it's more Mormon looking, but whatev. And yes, I agree on the detailing. Details are the best part about everything, really, not just clothes. Just life.

Shini said...

Yes, oxfords and a guy that can pull of a pink shirt. (you sure that's red?) Especially rolled up sleeves, very my kryptonite. Does the greenjeans have a girl ;)?

Shini said...

Well well then, if that's red then I have a very proud collection of washed red barbie dress collection!

I'm thinking you need to do the whole red shirt + oxfords coordination and carry the 'stuff for your girl' gifts around. Actually that's pretty sad, you should be able to win a girl with just youuuuu. alright forget what I said.

As for the photographer's (Ellen) shoes, they're actually a new pair of Fred Perry's, you should check them out (Fred Perry, not my photographer), methinks you might like them. It's quite tennis/sports weary, but classic too.

Lesley said...

Buy them all!!! :-)

AsianCajuns said...

ps- thanks for all the tips on the belts. I'm buying one because of your genius inspiration, GJs!

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